Mythic Minds Devblog 2/27/19 - Where Do We Go From Here?

Units: Infinite Potential For Success and Destruction

Right now, we have 26 Units that are part of our current Minimal Viable Product milestone. We spent quite a lot of time playtesting each one and even created a formula to balance their mana cost based on their stats and Traits so it's pretty safe to say they are all relatively balanced. 

However as we approach the end of that MVP milestone in April, we are starting to get antsy and think of new Unit and Trait ideas for the next big milestone. We have ideas for self-destructing units, trample units that move through/past enemies while dealing damage and lots of ideas for different "theme packs" of units that all follow a certain theme or aesthetic like Demons, Fairies, more Elves, Gnomish Inventions, weird Spirit types, and many many more. It's still up in the air how we want to actually roll out new units but what we DO know is that we will be increasing that 26 number to much higher soon.

Wait What? How Long Have We Had a Map-Maker?

We legitimately had this realization at our last team meeting when Jim, one of our programmers, told us that he made a map making program in the first month or two of development that no one knew about. This made Peter, one of our game designers, and myself, the other game designer, incredibly excited at the potential for rapid development prototyping and testing for maps. It also got us excited since it was incredibly open ended and did not require perfect symmetry or particular shapes. We wondered "what if we did L-shaped maps?," "what about non-king-of-the-hill maps like our current one? Could we do like an attacker and defender map? Could we do a payload/escort map? Could we make a MOBA-like map?" 

All of these ideas are technically possible with a manageable amount of programming and design and it really opened the door for us to design interesting maps and think beyond pure power equality and symmetry. 

We're excited to complete this milestone for a lot of reasons and these possibilities are a big number of those reasons. We're excited to show you all what this game can really be and we hope you're excited to see them.

If you have any ideas for interesting maps or game modes, let us know on Twitter @PlayEvocus. 

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