Mythic Minds Dev Blog 10/13/18 - Evocus: The Summoner's Game!

A name doesn't feel right until you say it a thousand times

If only you could have seen the debate we had over the name of this game. And honestly, the debate is still far from over. But at a certain point we had to lock something down and move on or else our game would ship with the current placeholder name. Despite how descriptive "Fantasy Hex Game" is, it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. So we have decided on "Evocus: The Summoner's Game." The whole "summoner's game" part is just a subtitle so don't worry about having to type that whole thing in whenever you want to find it. 

 What even is this game?

So... this game has changed drastically since our initial brainstorming meeting but each meeting thereafter we essentially reduced our unknowns by half and are now at a pretty clear and fleshed out concept. Basically, our game is a marriage between a collectible card game and a tactics(strategy?) game. You have a deck of Unit cards that you, The Summoner, summon to the battlefield and command to capture control points and defeat enemy Units. Simple enough right? We hope so. We really are trying to make this game pretty simple to pick up and play but have a lot of depth with the strategy and a high skill/knowledge ceiling.

She's got the look

For me, art is always the main driving force for how "legit" I think a game is and boy do I think this is legit. Our lead artist Jon has chosen to do a pixel art style and as soon as I saw his first draft for the Frost Troll, I knew our game was going to look awesome. 

This was our first draft for a Unit Card for the Frost Troll and our concept for how we'd show the name and stats of a card in game. The overall layout of the Unit Card has changed a bunch but the overall style was great from the start.

Lastly, here is a little screenshot of one of Jon's "Big Picture" tests to see how these different Units would look within the terrain to see if everything looks and feels right. 

So yeah, here's hopefully the first of many dev blogs where we'll delve into some rules debates, programming challenges, the team, and much much more. 

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