Mythic Minds DevBlog 7/27/19 - A Fair-ly Good Show

This past Sunday, the Evocus team got to showcase the latest build of our ever growing indie game at the California State Fair. This was a pretty big deal because the state fair draws 500,000 people per year and this was the first year that esports and gaming was prominently featured through the Bear Cup Esports Tournament which had it's own fairly large Expo building. 

Jim (our programmer) and I arrived right at 9am but after a fiasco with getting our tickets, finding which parking lot we're allowed to park in and lugging three bags, a plastic bin, a monitor and a TV through the whole park, we didn't get to the area until 9:56, four minutes before opening. We quickly set up the demo and our slideshow as people began flowing in and heading for the various game consoles and PCs set up around the area. 

We got a nice steady stream of people stopping by to either grab a flyer for the Capital Creative Showcase, Sac Gamer's Expo or our little playing card business cards (one kid ended up grabbing like 15 because he thought they were like some sort of collectible) or to check out the game. Of those who played the game, a lot seemed to really enjoy it even without 3d modeled units, animations, or visual effects that we're still working on.

We ran into some issues with younger kids not really understanding the game which was expected (despite trying to keep it as simple as possible, it's still a pretty complex game) though we were surprised that some kids as young as 9 took the time to really learn the game and understand the rules which was great to see.

All in all, we had a great time and were absolutely exhausted from the 8 hours of basically non-stop talking/yelling (it got loud in there). Thanks to everyone who stopped by, grabbed a card and played our game.  


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