About The Game

Currently in development, Evocus is a card strategy game where you play a Summoner who summons various Units to traverse the battlefield, capture Control Points and defeat enemy Units.

Currently there are 26 unique Units that you can summon and control:
Mischievous Cutpurse

Orc Tribesmen

Shield Defender

Valiant Spearthrower

Wolf Familiar

Halfling Sprinter

Undead Rotters

Clumsy Ogre

Venerable Sorcerer

Wood Elf Hunters
Healing Spring

Summoned Raven
Frost Troll

Veteran Shieldmaiden

Ancient Stone Guardian

Dark Elf Assassin

Orc Stone Throwers

Magi Apprentice

Mounted Ranger

Inspiring Paladin 

Dwarven Riflemen
Wyvern Hatchling
Goblin Grenadiers
Dwarven Artillery
Goblin Catapult Crew

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